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Veer helmet for veer jawan

{Combat Helmet For Sikh Soldiers}

The New helmet named ‘Veer‘ has been developed for Sikh soldiers in the Indian Army to wear it comfortably over their under turban cloth.

The turban for a Sikh is his pride. It is not just an article of faith and a symbol of courage, self-respect, dedication.

An aim to provide all-around ballistic protection against bullets and fragments to Sikh soldiers of the Indian armed and security forces, a new combat helmet has been designed for them.

The ‘Veer’ helmet is also compatible with MACS (Modular Accessory Connector System), a first of its kind multi-accessory mounting system, that enables head-mounted sensors and modern combat equipment such as communication systems, night vision goggles and cameras on helmets.

Veer Helmet: Features

  • Light Weight
  • Anti- Fungal
  • Anti – Allergic
  • Flame Resistant
  • Excellent Shock absorption technique
  • Chemical safe
  • All weatherproof

So Far there were no helmets for the Sikh Soldiers to wear, so the Veer helmet is one of its kind, this invention was highly welcomed by the Ministry of Defense, the company has managed to execute one of the largest helmet contracts, for 1.59 Lakh ballistic helmets.

We observed a need for better head protection for our Sikh troops.The ‘Veer’ helmet offers heroic Sikh soldiers the option of safeguarding their body and life while continuing to wear their under-turban cloth,
said MKU’s Chairman Manoj Gupta.

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