Oxford University – Hindu society celebrates Chaitra navaratri and performs yagna

Oxford University Hindu society ‘HumSoc’ celebrates Chaitra navaratri and performs Ashtami Yagna in the Lady Margaret hall of oxford campus on Durga Ashtami.

A group of few students performing a yagna is seen. The student community in its facebook wall writes an invite to all the students describing what Navaratri stands for.

Stating that “Navratri is an occasion to worship the divinity in the form of Universal-mother. Chaitra Navratri also marks the beginning of Hindu New Year.”

And, also the venue selected for performing was suitable that is Lady Margaret Hall, which is the First college to offer academic spaces to women. Humsoc asks “Would there be a better college than Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford, to celebrate this Hindu festival of Womanhood and Divinity?”

On Ashtami the students performed Ashtami yagna and also offered puja at venue. Student community shared the photos on its Facebook page narrating the importance of the Pooja.

“According to a Hindu belief, the Universal Consciousness sacrificed itself to bring forward the creation. The energy aspect of this Universal Consciousness is shakti–a feminine aspect. Navratri is an occasion to worship this feminity in the form of Divine Mother. The Hindu Society of Oxford University (‘HumSoc’) had the good fortune of celebrating the auspicious eighth day (Maha Ashtami) of Chaitra Navratri and performing a Yagna.”

Courtesy : VSK,Bharat

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