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Vibrant villages initiative:

‘Vibrant village’ plan to benefit border areas: PM Modi

Indian villages close to China border have harsh climate conditions. Life in these areas isn’t easy; hence people are forced to migrate to other parts of the country. On the other hand, China is growing its influence in these areas and developing its infrastructure rapidly. So under Vibrant Village Programme, the government of India will not only improve the living condition of the people living in these areas but also make the infrastructure better for easy transportation. 

Under the programme, the government of India will develop the villages near LAC as tourist spots so people from different parts of the country can come here and know about the culture of these villages. With this programme, the people of these villages will get connected with the rest of India. Construction of tourist centers will help them earn well without moving to any other part of the country.

The government of India has also planned to construct roads and housing conditions in these areas. People living here will also get access to education related channels and Doordarshan. Some financial assistance will also be offered to the residents of villages near LAC. The programme is also a reply from India’s Government to China’s model village programme. China has constructed well connected and developed villages in India’s border area and named model villages. With this new plan to develop infrastructure at the Himalayan border, the government will have a close eye on China’s movement and control the influence of the neighboring country.


Every year the government of India announces different programmes for people of the country to improve their lives. programme is different as it covers villages at the India-China border area.

The programme is exclusively for the villages at the line of actual control only. The line of actual control is crucial for both countries, and Chine is rapidly developing the infrastructure near the border areas. So, India has to make a plan to improve the infrastructure of the villages at LAC and to have road connectivity.

To create employment opportunities in areas in Arunachal, Ladakh, Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Uttrakhand, and Sikkim, tourism is the best option. When tourists from different parts of the country reach here, the native from these places will come closer to India’s heart.

The vibrant village programme has two objectives; to improve the infrastructure of villages at LAC and stop the migration of the natives of these villages. China has already developed more than 600 villages at Bhutan and India border, India will answer or counter the Chinese threat also.

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